Summer Internship

Beginner/Intermediate |   Hesperia, California  

Every summer during the break between workshops, CalEarth focuses on research and development projects. In past years we have added passive cooling systems and rocket stoves, poured earthen counter tops and floors, developed new waterproofing and roofing systems, retrofitted and improved old buildings.
In summer 2017 we focused on building an underground dome--something we have discussed for many years but have not had the opportunity to complete. It was a fantastic learning and research experience!

Cost: The only cost for this program is a site services fee of $100 per week if you choose to stay on-campus. You will be responsible for your own meals and personal expenses during your time on-site.
NOTE: Only students who have attended a previous workshop are eligible for this internship.

2018 DATES

July 9-27 (3 weeks)

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Please note, all applicants must have attended an in-person CalEarth workshop (One Day Intro to Superadobe, Core Curriculum A, 4 Day Core Curriculum, etc.)


  • Please wear work clothes including a hat and proper closed toed shoes (sandals not permitted). Please bring your own work gloves as well as a pair of plastic/rubber gloves for wet work. 
  • The weather in the high desert can fluctuate significantly, so we recommend checking the weather online prior to your arrival, and bringing layers to ensure you are prepared. You'll receive an additional email after you apply with more information on what to bring, especially if you will be staying on-site.
  • There is limited wifi access on site