Domes in Madagascar!

Thanks to the magic of the internet and social media we recently discovered this amazing Eco Dome in Madagascar. We posted it on instagram and the builder found us and sent us more photos and details about the project. Here are some highlights: 

2012: French architect Rebecca Pelayo hears about the superadobe building technology

2013: Pelayo trains with one of Nader Khalili's former students, Paulina Wojciechowska, in the UK and then created the Genius Ecodomus Association 

2014: Pelayo returns to her motherland of Madagascar and organizes a workshop with 10 volunteers, building the domes in just 30 days. The two domes are 16.5 feet and 14 feet in diameter, for a total area of 375 sq. ft.

2015-2017: 2 years of strong rainy seasons, earthquakes, ant attacks, consecutive tests of coating based on banana juice, zebu dung ... before finding the ideal final plastering, a mixture of hydraulic lime and iron oxide.

2017: Today Pelayo is working on additional projects in Mauritania and Madagascar. We will provide updates when they are available. According to Pelayo, "the ecodome welcomes yogi groups, artists, travelers from all horizon, and sometimes bees."