Construction of Superadobe is inexpensive, affordable, and sustainable to build..." Watch the 2014 documentary above and read more here...

"Construction of Superadobe is inexpensive, affordable, and sustainable to build"...Read More and watch the 2014 documentary here...

On this week’s Close Up, Full Frame takes a look at the life-saving building technology of Nader Khalili...Watch the 2015 CCTV news clip here

What we saw was very impressive. These domes were very easy to build, they were made of compressed earth and could be adapted to the soil type of any country for less than $80 per unit...
— United nations development programme officer

These dome-like structures are the future of sustainable and affordable housing...Watch the 2015 CNN clip here

In 2004 Nader Khalili was awarded the Aga Khan Award for Architecture, one of the most prestigious awards worldwide. Read More....

CalEarth has been featured on three different HGTV programs including the Outdoor Room, Extreme Homes, and Tiny House Hunters


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Vogue Magazine, February 2, 2018

“Forced displacement from war or persecution is one of humanity’s great challenges in the 21st century,” says Kathryn Mahoney, Senior Communications Officer for the UN’s refugee agency. “It’s not about to go away any time soon and those who are affected desperately need our help..."READ MORE

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Green Matters, February 6, 2018

"Between political conflicts and natural disasters, thousands of refugees around the world find themselves without homes every year. Cal-Earth, a nonprofit organization based in California, has developed a housing solution to help tackle this issue...READ MORE

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Go Pro Awards 2016: Earthbag Building Project by Permaculture South Africa

Time-lapse of a dome being built in Australia. See the full documentary